Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moving On

I should of saw this coming,
All the turning my back and constantly running,
Trying to find comfort for this soul,
Trying to find patches for the pain and the holes,
Tired of not having change for life's tolls,
Couldn't reach all my goals,
So I'm trying church,
I know it will be my last search,
I wanna learn to trust what I can't see,
Because what I've seen I can't trust,
Remove the dust and the rust,
Can't be lost rather be found,
Wanna know where I'm going when this soul leaves encases the ground,
Walking with God on these feet that I stand,
Is helping me become a stronger and better man,
Change me one day at a time,
Because the time we have is unknown........

DMK 4/16/19 © eyes2ink 1993

Tuesday, September 4, 2018



Tomorrow not today,
I Love You!
But that was yesterday,
How could you be so foggy?
Just leave me hazy?
Cloudy without sunshine,
So much pain!
A weatherman couldn't predict so much rain,
Why me?
Wht not?
You got what you wanted.
I got what I got,
This game of life,
It's hard to roll with one dice,
So roll twice!
Wow! Snake eyes!
The same way you looked at me,
Not creepy more like sneaky,
At one time I thought you'd complete me,
Not just leave me,
C'mon roll the dice it's your turn,
Some people never learn!
Fire scars more when it burns,
What's the catch?
Don't strike the match!
But,  I don't smoke,
You didn't get the signal either,
You will when the sky clears,
Did you see it?
Do you understand?
Is hard to take a walk and not have that other persons hand!
Today not tomorrow,
Many try to swim in currents sorrow........

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink1993 copyright

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You Name it


It's been a long time coming? 
Running from nothing, 
Because I thought it was something?
Give up? 
Give in? 
Outta shape wish I some oxygen!
Spiritually hungry but, true lies,
Been deceived again!
I once was lost but, I'm found.
Head spinning from the misled merry go round!
Pungent sound,
Sea salts of the sea!
Why the comotion?
Sounds of the ocean,
Aquatic breathing,
Soothing and revealing,
Love is easy to say!
Harder to show,
Lights out,
No candle,
Love handles,
Only a matter of time,
Watch the second hand,
A rthymnic snare drum,
How can we finish?
What's already been done?

DonaldEMcKinnon Eyes2ink1993 copyright 4/22/17

Saturday, April 23, 2016


GED - (Get Educated Dummy)

If ashes were dust,
And dust were ashes,
If groups were crowds,
And gatherings were masses,
If teachers were the class,
And the class watched them trough looking glass,
How much teaching would actually be taught?
Just a thought,
We know that age is a mere number,
But why would an adult want a child's number?
If they went and graduated from school?
What did they learn from school?
To pick our children up after school?
That's not cool!
Someone left the air out the max,
Instead of walking on guilty sole,
Remember when teachers would say this, " life is about the careful choices you make after school!"
Was that a subliminal message for us to come over and study one day this week?
We all had that teacher crush,
Wonder what that teacher could really teach us,
Who dropped the bomb on that moron?
At that age that would like a dad with daughter or son with mom!
Now look through the glasses!
What are you teaching me about my future?
When we open a deep emotional wound it requires sutures!
I know that a hard lesson ends up in a sticky mess!
We see why they changed physical education, physical entrance, to GYM!
And we're the ones who need sexual education?
Before we place our ink in the wrong place,
Remember, white out doesn't cover up all the mistakes!
Because when we add D + P sometimes we end up with a B,
Even a C + P = an D or a B,
So what does A + B + C =  it doesn't = drop your pants or panties,
Now do you C?
What happens to D?
If not then you should've stay in school,
If you want to GET AHEAD in life?
Use your brain not your body.......

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink©1993 042216

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Real is real

Real is real

No-one likes to hear the truth,
Because it's really hard to find!
Everything is broken from hearts to the thinking mind,
We're in desolate times,
Divorce rate high!
Murder rate high!
Political candidates lie!
Elderly just placed anywhere left to die,
Incarcerated like a convict,
Without the possibility of parole,
We sell anything to fastest and wealthiest bidder,
Actual conversation has been replaced via Facebook, email, snap chat, texting, Skype, hash tag, and Twitter,
Love is defined as hit, run and quitter,
Mom is dad and dad is mom,
Men looking women and women looking like men,
Really? c'mon!
Can't say the G word but, N word is acceptable,
Damn! Is our mind that susceptible?
That society isn't even skeptical?
Lady justice without the scales,
Just posted bond without receiving bail,
Heads landing on heads,
Men are smiling at each other after waking in the same bed?
Since the men are gone what are the women supposed to do?
Well it must be viral because they look at their emotional partner and love each other too!
Last I remember it was Adam and Eve,
Not Steve,
Once Eve saw Steve,
She should have told Steve to leave!
But, Eve bit the apple even though she was told not to do that!
But that's no excuse to use a rainbows colors as mocking what is God's covenant!!
Money makes the man and takes the man!
Preachers I'm talking to you!
Be careful when you stand,
Or what you say to the sheep when the bible's in your hand!
Remember you're still a man highly regarded and stand taller,
Don't let notoriety make you a spiritual baller,
Winds whisper sweet melodies on the meadows grassy blades,
If you don't want things repeated!
Watch what you say where the sheep graze,
We won't be free until we realize were enslaved,
The truth will come out after the ashes grave,
What is in revelation will come true,
When your names not in the book,
When God says, "depart from me because I don't know you!"
It's too Late to realize that the truth is true........

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink©1993 022616

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What's missing?

What's missing?

I was riding in circles as a child,
My eyes couldn't believe,
You saw a light through the darkness and decided to leave,
No eye contact,
No conversation,
I made my last circle and I was left standing still,
I thought you went to the store,
But, it's been over forty years!
I had to learn it's ok to make mistakes,

But, l never knew how much my little heart ached!

How can any man?
Not want to touch their child's hand?
While they become sick and mute!
Because they can't compute,
Looking out the window with a stagnate stare,
I can remember my nose and fingerprints still imprinted there!
Hoping one day there'd be no reason to stare!

But, I never knew how much my little heart ached!

Our family was a strong lonely place,
Moms would tell me to get out her face!
Yes, her heart ached too!
She couldn't look at my face because it reminded her of you!
I looked in the mirror, "Damn I really do!"
That's when pain set in and over the years it grew,
Not only for me but, my brother and sister too!
Your youngest son doesn't even want to know you!

Because I've seen how their little hearts ached,

It's been over forty years!
Unanswered questions and unsatisfied tears,
How do we go forward if we can't get past here?
All the stories and lies were any true?
Because when it comes to accountability the mirror reveal  you!

Now I know why this little heart ached,

Couldn't look up to daddy only to the sky,
Tears flowed in form of question marks because God only knew why!
"You did what you did!"
Played hide and seek but, Damn! You really hid!
How could you not keep connected?
Cause and effect why didn't you try and correct it?

My little heart ached and you repeatedly left us feeling rejected!

You didn't leave a legacy, you left miles of lies,
I couldn't complete the alphabet because I couldn't remember Y!
But, could I remember Z!
Cause at the end of it all that's how you left me!
life is more than movie without retakes,
We heard one time, "Daddys home!"
We didn't even budge because we it was fake!

Saddest of it all you didn't ask if our little hearts ached!

Then we found out that you became someone else's daddy,
While mommy became ours,
That's when I realized my little ached because it was full of hate!
It's been so many years,
So many fears,
Lonely outbursts of flooding tears,
Heartbreaking enough this was the most important thing to do,
That was to a be father to my children and be nothing like you!

My little hearts not little anymore,
My heart doesn't ache,
Because we all make bad choices, bad mistakes,
So I wanted to tell you while your still living,

My heart doesn't ache because my father I'm forgiving..........

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink©1993  030916

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mirror friendship?

Did anyone think that a mirror could be a person's best friend?
It's there through every change of our life,
We look at during emotional crisis,
We ask questions and sometimes wait for a response,
It sees us at our best and worst,
It knows our family and friends,
It keeps secrets,
We make faces at it,
It always shows us who we really are,
Some people carry one around with them,
It comes in many different shapes and sizes as friends,
It's used to look at other people,
It never says a word!
It never passes judgement,
It's crazy but, we even treat the mirror as we would a friend,
We spit on it,
Write on it,
Cry on it,
Apologize for talking to them,
Break them and we are a reflection in every piece,
As if we broke it's heart,
But it never changes how it sees us,
We change when we look in it........

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink©1993 122315

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blind complacency

Curiosity killed the cat,
Social media is the new parental outlet,
" Shhhhh can you keep a secret?"
But, phone is my own snitch,
Capturing the web of my own lies,
The closet is our children's darkroom,
What is being developed?
A kaleidoscope of selfies,
With a message,
Be careful of the photo chosen,
A misunderstood cloud can release undisclosed precipitation,
Watch for the spiral,
It's about to go viral!
Keep your eye on the closet,
The shoes displayed doesn't change who they are,
The spider's retina reveals deception,
As the confusion of passion,.
Creates delusion,
Partial illusion,
Is this because of global warming?
Choices are like the clothes worn,
Family values are hidden and torn,
Distraction is a form of attraction,
Wrong interaction,
Open the closet,
Because we need to see what shadows are following our children!
Because if they come out,
Will we be prepared?

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink© 1993 121915

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Emotional burn

My heart,
Endured your pain,
Your love,
Too many games,
Your past,
No future,
What's left?
Scars from cat gut number nine sutures,
Where we'll never go,
Back in time!
Don't want to forget you,
But I Damn sure don't want to retrieve,
Lies aroma suppressed the truth,
Eyes deceived,
As the heart believed,
Too many Y's,
Snake crawling lies,
Grammy like tears as you steadily cried!
No remorse,
You stayed on course,
I saw the signs,
But I had the wrong prescription,
You read the sign for me and gave me the wrong description,
My heart,
Your soul,
My shadows my friend,
You like the wind,
May I never feel that breeze again.........

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink ©1993 7/22/15

Thursday, July 9, 2015



How can I hold you?
Tight,long, soft,or slowly?
Can you feel the heat?
The aroma from the skins pores?
Breathing steady and relaxed,
Excitement elevated to the max,
Pulse at a rapid tempo,
Hands clammy but, still can't let go!
Holding me as I hold you,
Where are the emoceans taking you?
What is in a hold? It depends on how the story is told,
Nighttime pleasure creating torrential rain
Emoceanal release producing organic frenzy,
Can I still hold you as the waves begin to descend?
Breathing that was once engaged begin to calm,
Heart returns to each others Palm,
Eye to eye they silently blink,
What is in thought as the minds begin to think?
Emoceans are like the oceans,
They come and go but, the beauty remains,
Despite its pain,
Life begins and ends,
Oceans breathe across the silt and sands,
A rhythmic song,
No words remind me that you're gone,
Only memories are streamed,
Each Emoceanal drop reminds me of the warmth of you!
Come into these arms and hold one more......

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink © 1993 070715 revised

Wednesday, July 8, 2015



My God,
My soul,
Do many days,
So many debts
So few coins to pay them all,
Yet I stand tall,
No room to fall,
No room to bail,
My wife and kids are the reason that I cannot fail,
Breads stale,
Milks curdle,
Don't run track but I'm facing all these hurdles,
These feel the are worn to the bone,
God, "please bless our home!"
"Change this heart from stone!"
I can't do this alone!
I can't chase my dreams,
I wanna reach to sky,
Please cry on me,
Quench the thirst in these eyes,
It's easy to finish,
Harder to start,
Here is my soul,
To put love in my heart......

DonaldEMcKinnon eyestoink ©1993 070615

Moving On

I should of saw this coming, All the turning my back and constantly running, Trying to find comfort for this soul, Trying to find patches...